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High performance web server

The perfect configuration for the beginning

Simplest solution for websites that reached capacity limits of a web hosting, VPS server or a simple dedicated server

Key features of the high performance web server:

  • HTTP accelerator - Varnish handles many simultaneous connections even when you have to use the Apache web server. Additionally it serves static content (images, JS, CSS) from its cache offloading the web server.
  • Web server dedicated and configured to handle high traffic websites - preferably nginx. Nginx was chosen by many of top web sites because of its ability to handle huge number of simultaneous connections with minimum resource usage (especially RAM) and perfect handling of PHP using FastCGI. It also includes an URL rewrite mechanism which in most cases can replace the Apache rewrite module. In case the Apache server is required, we are configuring it for best performance.
  • PHP with proper configuration will additionally boost the performance and help fully utilize server's resources. We are using PHP with fastest mode - FastCGI and FPM process management, which adds more features like slow log (detecting and logging long running scripts including possible cause).We don't forget that that today's web solutions also includes Ruby, Java (and other JVM languages), Python. We are also configuring them to achieve the best results.

This configuration includes also MySQL, backup that guarantees consistency and no service interruption, and high security level.

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