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HardIT offers wide range of services related to dedicated servers and infrastructure to support your business.

  • Dedicated infrastructure

    Server infrastructure for demanding web services providing high performance, scalability and fault tolerance. The service includes building the infrastructure in selected data center, maintenance and expansion in response to changing conditions.

    Configuration of web servers (apache, nginx), PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL (and others), e-mail, virtualization (private cloud) and many others including advanced features like load balancing, data replication.

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  • Consulting: performance

    Resolving performance issues of web applications, databases and infrastructure. An example might be unsatisfactory response time of a web site under higher load. We diagnose the cause, optimize databases (queries, structure), help improving the application.

    Service offered as a one-time order, estimated after initial consultation or paid per hour.

  • Dedicated software

    We develop software that in most cases is part of a larger application but creating it requires specialized knowledge or it has to met high performance requirements. We offer modifications of Open Source software, creating modules for web servers (like nginx) and more. We use mainly C/C++ programming languages.

    Examples or our work include distributed mailing system, detection of e-mail account abuses, communication with hardware using RS232 interface, connection log analyzer for ISP.

  • Network configuration: routers: Cisco, Juniper, L3 switches, SAN

    We cooperate with certified network administrators.

    Certificates: Cisco: CCNA, CCNP, Juniper: JNCIA

    Hardware: Cisco routers: 18xx, 28xx, 19xx, 29xx, switches: 3650, 3750, 3850, Cisco Nexus: 5k + 2k, Cisco Wifi: WLC 5508, AP 26xx, AP 15xx, VPN: Cisco ASA, Juniper EX series, M, MX 240, MX480, SRX, Extreme, HP, Dell

    SAN: HP SAN, Brocade SAN

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