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Load balancing / cache

Scalable and reliable infrastructure for a demanding website

Professional infrastructure with full redundancy which scales with the demand

Key features of the scalable infrastructure in addition to the high performance web server:

  • The load balancer directs requests to many web servers. Additionally it can have a cache for faster serving of static content and cachable dynamic content.
  • The web server farm - Any number of web servers to handle the application (PHP, Ruby, etc.). You can add new servers at any time without causing interruption.
  • The redundant database on a separate server, replicated to a backup server. Creating a backup does not influence the performance or availability. The replication allows boosting of performance of read queries by using both servers.
  • The redundant storage for the application's code, static files, uploaded content. Synchronous replication to a backup server allows for a very fast recovery after storage server's failure.

This configuration is dedicated for a web site which requires more than one server to meet the demand. Additionally it includes reliability and no or minimum downtime in case of one component's failure. Scalability means that we can extend the infrastructure at any time by adding more web servers in reaction to higher traffic.

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